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9 August 2007

2nd Op: Connie Grieve

Connie Grieve of St. Andrews A

If there is guarantee the state will tell u the truth people will err on the side of assuming that the state is lying to you.

1. Truth
2. Warfare
3. What happens to governance.

Big difference between lying and not telling the truth.

Truth loses its value if they lie. People don't send their troops to war if they don't believe what the government says. The reason they sign up to fight is because they believe in the values of the state.

Very easy to find out if the government is lying thanks to the internet.

Losing things like attached government, the people have less confidence in government.

Need the truth to have checks and balances on the conduct of government

If can't separate the political from state interests then there is even more of a risk from the lack of check and balances.

That concludes the final. Many thanks to Derek Lande for posting updates onto the site after each speech. Hopefully he'll let us know the results when they are announced.

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