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12 July 2007

Queensland win Australs

9th July: University of Queensland 2 beat Victoria University 1 in the Australasian Championships final on a 6-3 split decision.

The final Motion was: That Governments should fund treatments that seekto normalise autism

The beaten Semi-finalists were: Monash 1 & University of Queensland 3

Sayeqa Islam (Victoria) was the best speaker in the final and on the tab.

University Malaya 1 defeated International Islamic University in the ESL final

ESL Best Speaker : Astrid (Universitas Indonesia)
ESL Final Best Speaker : Zuliana (University Malaya)

Source: Derek Lande & Australs maining list.

Update 12th July:
The top 10 Speakers:
Top ten speakers at Australs 2007
1. Sayeqa Islam (Victoria University of Wellington 1)
2. Fiona Prowse (Monash University 1)
3. Amit Golder (Monash University 1)
4. Isabelle Paton (University Technology Sydney 2)
5. Claudia Newman-Martin (Australian National University 2)
6. Charisse Borromeo (Ateneo de Manila University 1)
7. Tim Jeffrie (Monash University 1)
8. Christopher Bishop (Victoria University of Wellington 1)
9. Tate Thomas (Multimedia University 1)
10. Leloy Claudio (Ateneo de Manila University 1)

(the full tab is now available on the Australs mailing list yahoo site. See link on the right)

Source: A very modest Chris Bishop who is a contributor to this site but didn't want to post results with his name in them ;-)

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