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27 July 2007

North East Asian Debate - Format/Council

NEAO will be held in asian parliamentary debate format. Three debaters constitute one team and each speaker will have 7 minutes perspeech with additional 4 minutes' speech by first or second speakerfrom each team. Motion can be various and will promptly be given foreach round with 30 minutes of preparation time.

Details of asian format is explained on our website. :) http://neao2007.conasian.com2

The NEAO council will take place on the 9th of November, the firstday of NEAO.

This council, though NEAO now became 4 years old, is first timetaking its place.

As NEAO is getting bigger year by year, it is proper to have officialorganization to boost up active communication between the region. Especially the necessity for official bidding on the next NEAO led usto open NEAO council.

Each institution's representative from North East Asian countrieswill have voting right to decide certain matters regarding NEAO andNEAO council.

The related information will be posted on our website soon.

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