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21 July 2007

IDC English cup results

This Thursday IDC held a preparatory English cup for 2007 euros in IDC.

Winners: 1 prop, RRIS A (Tammy Varkony and Yuval Biggs)
Best speaker: Ruvi Zigler (Mixed A)

Teams in the final: 1 opp Technion C (Alon Altman and Mark Berlin), 2 prop IDC A (Jonathan Braverman and Daphna Geniger), 2 opp Mixed A (Ruvi Zigler and Rinat Gershfeld)

Motion for the final: THB in an immediate withdrawal form Iraq

Motions for preliminary rounds
THBT any weapon is legal for warfare
THW abolish all trade in diamonds, with no exceptions,
THBT it is the government's role to decide where ethnic minorities should live

CA was Avihu Tamir, along with Klaas van Schelven and Ori Harel as DCA's

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