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10 July 2007

EUDC2007 Participant Forms

Dear All Euros2007 Participants,

As you all know, there is less than one month until our meeting you in Istanbul. However, half of the participants who made the payment haven't filled the participant forms yet. In order to cope with organizational matters, we have to know about choices of participants related to accommodation, transportation and food.

Thus, we ask for the half of participants to solve this issue until to "15th of July, Sunday" which is the end of this week. More importantly, we ask from liable persons to urge their friends about the emergency of filling up the forms because it is not possible to run a debate organization without having information about team pairings. Demands of the participants who did not realized filling the participant forms will not be responded from organization committee after the deadline. The reason is that we need to arrange any kind of capacity issues (i.e. Meeting in airport), variability of choices (i.e. Arranging Kosher food) and special demands such as roommate selection by the begining of next week.

Here are the links for reaching to forms:
Team REG:
Adjudicator REG:

Hope to meet you in Istanbul,

On the Behalf of Organization Committee,
Harun Ercan
Chief Organizer

M.Phone1: +905337640475

M.Phone2: +905056353027

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