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1 June 2007

Payment for EUROS 2007

Dear all EUROS participants,
Payment via credit card for EUROS2007 is open now.

Basically, there are two phases to be completed until to your arrival at Istanbul.

1. Realizing Payment for Participation via Credit Card/ Money Transfer.
2. Filling a Participant Form for Debate and Organizational Matters.

Completing these two steps means you are welcomed to "Vehbi Koc European Universities Debating Championship, 2007".

1. The crucial point related to PHASE#1 is that all participants must be aware of the person who made the payment on behalf of them. That will not be a potential problem for those paying for their personal account. However, payments concerning more than one participant need to assign a "liable person" that we can contact with if any problem occurs. Those needed information (e-mail, phone number etc...) is indicated in payment form that can be reached with the link below.

(This link can also be reached over the "registration" title on our web site)

Please do not send us any e-mails (just after paying) for informing us about names of the participants who are included in the payment if you paid via credit card. This issue will be resolved in PHASE#2.

2. PHASE#2 will begin in a week which will ask participants about both debate matters (team name, teammate and name of debaters/adjudicators...) and organizational matters such as dietary issues, accommodation matters and activity selections. This requirement has to be implemented until to 30th of June which will begin at the end of the first week of the June.

The important caution related to second phase is that every individual will be filling a blank asking the name of the "liable person". Therefore, the burden of proving your "done payment" will be eliminated in this way if you did not pay with your personal credit card.

For any problems related to payment, please do not hesitate to ask
Hasan Sadık Arık (, +905056711713

Rıza Isık
EUDC 2007, Convenor

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