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8 June 2007

Flashpoint Television and some Debating Video Links

Dear all,

Debating in Television is a years old concept; But a 360 “Total Debate” solution program is rarely seen. Flashpoint Television is the modern reality to answer this exception. Lawrence Debate Union at the University of Vermont, USA started this venture 10 year back which has become now a destination for young Debating Minds.

The programs can be downloaded or viewed depending on whether they are in the QuickTime or the RealPlayer format. The program now has over 320 shows to its credit. Flashpoint is a program of issues and ideas. Debaters and coaches pick a topic and research it intensively before the program. The program consists of a fast-paced discussion of the topic and its related issues. Experts are not sought for the program, because it attempts to show that intelligent citizens can learn about an issue for themselves and then have informed and logical opinions -- which is what citizens should do.

Some Debating Video Links

- Topic: Democrats for President in US
- Topic: Republicans for President in US
- Topic: Media Copyright
- Topic: Organ Donation
- Topic: Student Debt
- Topic: Free Speech & Dissent in America
- Topic: Lake Baikal
- Topic: China and Taiwan
- Topic: Pentagon Exemption from Freedom of Information Act
- Topic: High Tech Congo Genocide
- Topic: World Oceans in Jeopardy

Rashedul Hasan Stalin
Source: Flashpointtv

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    Thanks to Stalin
    I really appreciate your contribution for the World Debating



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