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19 June 2007

Asian Debate Institute 2007: Fellows Program

Greetings All:

We will take applications from university level
debaters (undergraduate or graduate) who would like to
participate as an ADI Fellow.

ADI Fellows will be assigned to work with one of the
faculty members as a full time assistant during the
Asian High School Debate Institute. They will be
responsible for judging practice debates among the
high school students and helping with the
administration of the high school program.

Fellows will receive a tuition waiver to the Asian
University Debate Institute college program in
exchange for service during the Asian High School
Debate Institute. Additionally, Fellows will be
provided with free housing for the duration of both
workshops. Some meals will be provided, though at
this time we cannot promise to provide all meals.
Fellows will be responsible for providing their own
transportation to the ADI.

Selection Process:
The selection process is open to any university
graduate or undergraduate student. The process will
be competitive. There will be 10 ADI Fellows

The application deadline is: July 1st, 2007. Fellows
will be notified by July 5th of their acceptance and a
complete list of Fellows will be added to this website
upon their selection.

Application Process:
Anyone who is interested in serving as a Fellow should
send a curriculum vitae/resume to: Jason Jarvis, ADI
Director, at: debatekorea@ Phone inquiries
can be made to: 82-19-381-2305

Jason Jarvis
Assistant Dean and Lecturer
Korea Development Institute Graduate School of Public Policy and Management
Office: 82-2-3299-1031
Email: debatekorea@ kdischool.

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