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25 March 2007

St Andrews win UL IV

St Andrews (Connie Grieve & Doug Cochran) won the UL IV (or DCUL Open as it was held jointly with DCU).

The other finalists were all Hybrid teams: Derek Doyle & Niall Kennedy, Peter O'Brien & John Moriarty, Niall McGrath & Barry Glynn.

The Best Speaker on the tab was Noel McGrath.
The Best Speaker in the final was Niall Kennedy

The motions were:
Rd1 TTHW not allow the use of sonic youth repellants in public property
Rd2 TTHW not ban unlimited violence between consenting adults
Rd3 TTHW allow religious and political advertisments
Rd4 TTHB the developed World should not hire doctors from Developing Nations
Rd5 TTHB the government should lobby the UK to refuse abortions to Irish Women
Semi: TTH supports the dissolution of the United States
Final TTHB that the state should offer assistance to Homosexuals seeking to be cured.

Final Adjudicators: Diarmuid Early (UCC) Sarah Carew (UL) Colm Flynn (DIT) Luke Ryder (Kings Inn) Paddy Buckley (UL) Lynda Young (UL) Paul Flynn (UCC)

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