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18 February 2007

The Irish Times Debate Final 2007 Results

The final of the Irish Times debating competition took place last night (18th February) in the Examinations Hall of Trinity College Dublin.

The debate was hosted by the College Historical Society and was chaired by Dr Mary Robinson, Chancellor of the University of Dublin, former President of Ireland, former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, former Senator, Barrister-at-Law and Finalist of the Irish
Times Compeition

The motion was "That a neutral Ireland cannot fulfil its global responsibilities in the 21st century"

Team Winner: David Boughton and Ciaran Denny (TCD Hist)
Team Runner up: Ross Kelly and Susan Connolly (UCD Law)

Individual Winner: David Quinn (Kings Inns)
Individual runner up: Chris Kissane (TCD Hist)

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  1. Mr Michael Moriarty, Convenor of the compeition, spoke about the
    importance of the compeition to debating in Ireland and how it
    preserves a uniquely Irish quality in oratory. While irish speakers
    had made a big influence on the World stage, the complex technical
    conventions that have grown up around that make debating inaccessible to many. Irish Times debates have always managed to combine a high level intelluctual discussion in and an entertaining and accessible

    The motion was defeated in a vote on the floor.


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