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16 January 2007

Southamption IV

Dear All
The Southampton University Debating Society is very proud to announce theSouthampton Open, a packed one day tournament to be held on Saturday the 3rdof March. We'll have 4 rounds of debates, followed by a great evening mealand gala final. Then once the debating is over you'll have free entry to ourlegendary union nightclub The Cube. Crash will also be available for theSaturday night so you can make the most of it!

Travel to Southampton is very easy and affordable - particularly from Londonand the Midlands where the MegaTrain website offers rail tickets starting at£1

We also guarantee the two things that really make an IV enjoyable -interesting motions and excellent judging throughout. The adjudication willbe headed by our CA Rich Penny (fresh from breaking at worlds), DCA AlastairEndersby (former England Schools coach) and backed up by a number of othertournament finalists brought in from around the country.

Registration is now open at a cost of £30 per team, the make-up of which isup to you bearing in mind it's an open tournament. N-1 will not be enforcedbut is encouraged, especially for institutions sending 3 or more teams.

To register, or for any more details please contact Johanna( Our website will soon be available

We hope to see you in Southampton!

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