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3 December 2006

Sydney Mini Results 2006

Here are the University of Sydney 2006 BP Intervarsity (Sydney Mini)results.

Winner: Elizabeth Sheargold, Amit Golder (Melbourne/Monash Hybrid)
Runnners Up: Toby Halligan, James Robertson (ANU)
Dave Cramsie, Andrew Chapman (CIT)
Timothy Jeffrie, Fiona Prowse (Monash)

Best Speaker: Phil Senior.

1. This house would ban political parties that advocate the legalisation ofpaedophilia
2. This house supports the abolition of all agricultural subsidies bydeveloped nations.
3. This house would prosecute citizens who act as human shields in enemynations.
4. This house supports the right of adopted children to know the identityof their biological parents.
5. This house supports racial profiling
6. This house supports the militarisation of Japan.

QF: This house would have an "open door policy" for guestworkers
SF: "this house believes the US should seek Iran's assistance inIraq"

GF: Either or "this house would allow the testing of experimental treatments on patients with terminal illnesses".


  1. Anonymous7:38 am

    Well done to Julia, Steph, Beck and the whole team that ran a great tournament.

    The motions were:

    Round 1: THW ban political parties the promote the legalisation of paedophilia
    Round 2: THW ban all trade subsidies by developed world nations
    Round 3: THW prosecute people who travel to enemy nations to act as 'human shields'
    Round 4: THW recognise the right of all adopted children to know the identity of their biological parents
    Round 5: THS racial profiling
    Round 6: THS the militarisation of Japan
    Quarter-Final: THS an open door policy for guest workers
    Semi-Final: THBT the West should engage Iran over the reconstruction of Iraq
    Final: THS the use of experimental drugs on terminally ill patients

  2. Vikram2:14 pm

    Are the motions available?


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