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3 December 2006

St Andrews win Cork IV

St Andrews (Tony Murphy & Jason Vit) won the Cork IV 2006

In the final they defeated, UCD (Ciaran Lawlor & Mags Carter), TCD (David Boughton & pCiaran Denny) and Cambridge (Bob Nimo & Ranald Clouston)

Best Speaker on the Tab was Ciaran Lawlor

Best Speaker in the final was David Boughton

Motions (as set by Derek Lande a DCA at this year's Worlds so I know people will be interested)
Round 1: TTHW reintroduce hard labour in prisons
Round 2: TTHW give artists a percentage of the resale value of their work
Round 3: TTHB soccor teams should have a minimum number of homegrown players.
Round 4: TTHW hold drug dealers responsible for the crimes of their drug users.
Round 5: TTHW ban all private security and mercenary companies.
Semi Final: TTHW end the war on drugs in South America
Final: TTHW legalise Prostitution.

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