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14 December 2006

Melbourne Mini results

Winner: Monash University (Jacob Clifton & Tom Chapman)

Monash University (Kim Little & Tim Sonnreich)
University of Melbourne (Elizabeth Sheargold & Bobby Benedicto)
University of Sydney (Phil Senior & Brad Lancken)

Best Speakers (tied): Kim Little (Monash University), Elizabeth Sheargold (University of Melbourne)

Best Novice: Steve Hind (University of Sydney)

Grand Final Adjudicators: Lucia Pietropaoli (CA, University of Melbourne), Ivan Ah Sam (University of Sydney), Daniel Clifton (University of Melbourne), Michael Stagg (Monash University), Tim Jeffrie (Monash University).


  1. Anonymous5:00 am

    do you have the results of the birrmingham IV

  2. I haven't been sent the Birmingham results so if anyone can supply them I would be very grateful.


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