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15 December 2006

5th NHSD Malaysia

The final results of the 5th National Health and Science Debates Malaysia held in International Medical University:

Champions: MMU 1 (Kandahar, Big Boy)
Best Overall Speaker: Daniel from UiTM 1
Best Speaker in the Final: Kandahar from MMU 1

Rd 1: THW set an age cap for practicing clinicians
Rd 2: THBT all employees medical coverage plan must include a 'Successful Agingand Wellness Program'
Rd 3: THW make pre-school education compulsory
Rd 4: THW ban genetic predetermination of babies

QF : THBT babies with genetic defects should be aborted
SF: THBT the government should fund palliative treatment for memory loss
Grand Finals: THBT sexual assignment for inter-sexed infants should be decided at adulthood

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