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20 October 2006

UBC Registration Update

In response to a number of requests from universities that have only recently resumed their class sessions, UBC is extending the deadline for initial registrations. The following are the new registration dates for UBC Worlds 2007.

Registration under the cap of 3 teams per institution will be extended by 4 days from the intial date of October 21st, 2007. This means that each institution will be allowed to register Up to 3 teams until 6pm Pacific Standard Time on OCTOBER 25th 2006.

at 6pm PST on October 26th, the registration system will be taken temporarily offline for the purposes of consolidating data and making technological changes to the registration system to allowe schools to register additional teams. The registration system will be offline for 3 days to ensure that all the data is arranged and that we will be able to efficiently process the additional registrations that come once the cap is lifted.

Registration will be opened again at 6pm Pacific Standard Time on October 28th 2006. At this time the cap will be lifted and institutions will be able to register on a first come first serve basis until we reach our registration cap.

For those schools who have not yet regsitered any teams, please make sure that you register by the 25th of October, as after that deadline we will be unable to guarantee you a place at worlds. We understand that for many schools meeting this deadline is challenging, but we have obligations to our host hotel and our suppliers and we simply may not be able to accomodate late requests, and we simply cannot extend the cap deadline any further.

If you have any questions regarding the registration process, please e-mail UBC Worlds 2007's registration director Maritza at and she will answer your questions as soon as she is able to. As you can imagine, with the deadline fast approaching, Maritza is receiving an enormous volume of e-mails at this time. Please be patient in awaiting her response, she will contact you as soon as she is able to.

If you have any questions regarding special circumstances, or regarding the rules and policies governing registration and participation at the WUDC, please contact me at

Please forward this e-mail to any debate mailing lists of which you may be a member.

We look forward to seeing you in Vancouver,

Kevin Massie
Chief Adjudicator
UBC Worlds 2007

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  1. Anonymous6:39 am

    It is dissapointing that registration will reopen on a sunday in several time zones. This excludes many institutions from being able to register, whilst others get an advantage.

    I hope that the 'first come first served spots' don't fill up too quickly.


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