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19 October 2006

Father Roger Guindon Cup

The Father Roger Guindon Cup was held this weekend by the University of Ottawa's English Debating Society . The chief adjudicator was former World Champion Erik Eastaugh, and the final round was held in the ballroom of the West Block of Parliament.

In the final, Hart House (Nick Skordoff & Dash) defeated Hart House (Adam Lazier & Laura Kusisto), McGill (Jason Rogers & Sophie MacIntyre), and Carleton (Padraic Ryan & Garnett Genuis). The top speaker was Ethan Hoddes of Hart House.

1. THW abandon mandatory sentencing.
2. THB Japan should let loose the dogs of war.
3. THB France should not criminalize genocide denial.
4. THB the welfare system should keep single mothers above the poverty line.
5. THB the Kyoto Protocol is the best chance of stopping human-caused climate change.
Semi: THW replace civil liability with a public insurance system for bodily harm claims.
Novice Final: THB the public health care system should not fund pre-natal screening.
Final: THB equalization calculations should include revenues from natural resources.

Top 5 Speakers
1. Ethan Hoddes (Hart House)
2. Jason Rogers (McGill)
3. Padraic Scanlan (McGill)
4. Monica Ferris (Hart House)
5. Padraic Ryan (Carleton)

For the full tab:
(Thanks to Padraic Ryan for this update).


  1. The speaker of the McGill team in the final was Sophie MacIntyre.

  2. Padraic9:48 pm

    Padraic Scanlan is actually from McGill


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