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20 March 2006

e-mail from All Asians 2006

on behalf of the All-Asians 2006 Org Com:

The organisers of the upcoming 13th All-Asians (6-14 May 2006), Langkawi 2006, would like to share the love with the rest of the world, and invite everyone to sunny Langkawi to join Asia and celebrate debating!

The tournament is open to international teams (non-breaking, but entitled to 7 prelim rounds and 1,290 social events), adjudicators and observers (ie people who want a holiday in Langkawi with lots of debaters to get pissed with).

Tournament highlights
- rego is slightly less than 170 USD
- 9 days in a 4-Star hotel on a tropical island
- the entire island is duty free (beer is 6 USD, for a CRATE! about 27 cents a beer. Liquors, tobacco, perfumes, clothes, cars, all at duty free prices)
- all debates will happen IN the Tournament Hotel (zero travelling time)
- dream socials (BBQs on the beach, beach games, parties)
- holiday activities abound! (snorkelling, diving, boating, jet skis, para-glyding, volleyball, hiking, tours...)
- all welcoming Malaysian hospitality!

for travel help :
for registration issues :
for everything else :
for more information :

see you here!
Asians 2006 Org Com.

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