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19 March 2006

Canadian Nationals Break

Team Break:
McGill (Prince & Shotwell)
Hart House (Nairn & Tharamangalam)
Hart House (Freeman & Toshniwal)
Queen's University (Dickie & Kusisto)
McGill (Rogers & Veel)
University of British Columbia (Nelson & Sinha)
Queen's University (Nicholson & Opolsky)
University of British Columbia (Harrison & Keys)

Public Speaking:
Dan Powell - Royal Military College
Gordon Shotwell - McGill University
Spencer Keys - University of British Columbia
Jason Rogers - McGill University
R. Jesse McWaters III - McGill University

Novice Final:
Calgary MB v. Hart House LL


  1. Anonymous12:34 am

    can you post the motions too? thanks

  2. Results:

    Hart House FT (Freeman/Toshniwal) defeats McGill PS (Prince/Shotwell)

    McGill PS defeats Queen's KD
    Hart House FT defeats Hart House NT

    (1) McGill PS (Prince/Shotwell) defeats (Cool UBC HK (Harrison/Keys)
    (2) Hart House NT (Nairn/Tharamangalam) defeats (7) Queen's NO (Nicholson/Opolsky)
    (3) Hart House FT (Freeman/Toshniwal) defeats UBC SN (Sinha/Nelson)
    (4) Queen's KD defeats vs (5) McGill DR (Dash/Rogers)

    Top Speaker
    Laura Kusisto (Queen's KD)

    Top Public Speaker
    Jason Rogers (McGill)

    Novice Final
    Hart House LL (Lizius/Levy) defeats Calgary MB (Masten/Broniewski)

    Top Novice Speaker
    Richard Lizius (Hart House)

  3. Anonymous3:26 am

    All rounds in this post - save public speaking - took place in Canada's senate. The debaters were addressed between the Novice Final and Grand Final by the Usher of the Black Rod. Public Speaking took place at the banquet the night before, in the National Art Centre's Panorama Lounge.

    McGill PS d. UBC HK
    Hart House NT d. Queen's NO
    Hart House FT d. UBC SN
    Queen's DK d. McGill RV

    McGill PS d. Queen's DK - round was about Larry Summers.
    Hart House FT d. Hart House NT - round was about the admissibility of victim statements in court.

    Finals: Hart House FT (Gov) d. McGill PS.
    Motion: THW extend copyright indefinitely.

    Public Speaking:
    Jason Rogers - McGill University
    R. Jesse McWaters III - McGill University
    ?? Powell - Royal Military College
    Spencer Keys - University of British Columbia
    Gordon Shotwell - McGill University

    Novice Final:
    Hart House LL (Opp) d. Calgary MB (Gov)
    Motion: THW peg the Canadian Dollar to the Euro.
    (The LO in this round - Alexander Levy - was *fantastic*. )

    Top Speaker: Queen's DK - Laura Kusisto
    Top Novice Speaker: Hart House LL - Richard Lizius.

  4. Anonymous6:05 am

    That would be Dan Powell


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