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27 March 2006

Bonn win ESL at Europeans

Bonn (Isabelle Loewe and Martthias Lux) won the ESL final at Europeans in Berlin

DCM Munich (Aurora Simionescu & Daniel Grotzky), Erasmus A (Mark Roels & Lars Duursma), and Bonaparte A (Daniel Schut & ???) were in the ESL final.

ESL Final: TTHW destroy the artefacts of fallen oppressive regimes
ESL Semi: TTHW allow insurance companies to access the genetic data of potential customers

Chairman of the ESL final adjudication panel was DCA Klaas van Schelven

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  1. Hi Colm,

    I only found this blogpost today, 4 years after the fact...Some additions:
    - My debate partner was Anne Valkering.
    - Mark Roels should be Marc Roels


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