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2 January 2006

Octo Finals

Octos motion: This House believes that international law should recognise the right of each state to unilaterally undertake armedhumanitarian intervention

Octos draw:
1p: Cape Town A
1o: Inner Temple A
2p: Oxford D
2o: Melbourne A

1p: Hart House D
1o: McGill B
2p: UCC Phil B
2o: Cambridge

1p: Hart House B
1o: Yale C
2p: Hart House A
2o: Bristol A

1p: Middle Temple B
1o: Yale E
2p: Hart House C
2o: Oxford B

1p: UCC Phil A
1o: McGill A
2p: UNS A
2o: Carlton A

1p: Sydney C
1o: Sydney A
2p: Monash C
2o: Leeds A

1p: Chicago A
1o: Ateneo B
2p: Oregon A
2o: Glasgow A

1p: Sydney E
1o: Ateneo A
2p: Cambridge A
2o: Yale A.

Thanks to Rachel Chan for the update.

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