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2 January 2006

Final day timetable

So people know what to expect here is the timetable for key events tomorrow (all in Irish time)

11am-1pm Semi Finals
Expect an announcement on the finalists sometime between 1 and 2pm Irish time. I will be on my way to Dublin so I will post a brief update from my phone.

5pm- 7pm Final
Again I will post the results from my phone once announced. ALL results (Main, ESL, Masters, Public Speaking, Speaker etc) will be announced at the same time.

8pm Championship dinner.
I am not certain but it is possible (and strongly rumoured) that the results won't be announced until sometime during the dinner. The time is tight between the final and the dinner and people have to get from UCD to the Burlington so it is entirely possible they don't plan to announce things until then

Finally in case I forget thanks to Derek Lande and Rachel Chan. My two "moles" inside the championships. Without them I wouldn't have had any info to post. Thanks guys.


  1. Alison11:01 pm

    Thank you for all the updates -it's been great to know what's been going on

  2. Anonymous11:59 pm

    !!!!!!YAY Oregon Ducks!!!!!


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