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5 December 2005

UNSW win Sydney Mini 2005

Australian Parliamentary Debating Championship 2005 ("Sydney Mini Series 2005")

Winners: UNSW1 (Gill White and Alex Grey)

Grand Final teams:
OG- Sydney 5 (Chris Croke & Phil Senior)
OO- Sydney 7 (Brad Lanken & Hamish White)
CG- Melbourne 1 (Daniel Kinsey & Elizabeth Sheargold)
CO- UNSW 1 (Gill White and Alex Grey)

Best speaker: Phil Senior
Best novice: Chris Croke

(Rd 1) TTHW use martial law to control the rioters
(Rd 2) THHW provide universal child care to working mothers
(Rd 3) TTHW give New Europe freedom of labour movement
(Rd 4) TTHW prosecute the home computer music pirates
(Rd 5) TTHW require migrants to pass an exam before granting them citizenship
(Rd 6) TTHW apply Equal Opportunity Legislation to the Church
(Semi Final) TTHS citizen initiated referenda
(Grand Final) TTHW try Saddam in private

Note from Michael Zelas, CA of the Sydney MINI:
This tournament took place over the past weekend with the following results I'm gobsmacked that we had a similar finals topic to Cork!!! Rounds 3, 6, semi and grand worked best

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