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4 December 2005

Sydney Win Cork IV

Cork IV results:

Winners: Sydney A (Ivan Ah Sam & Dominic Thurbon)

Top Team tab: UCD L&H H (Margurite Carter & Loisa Ni Eideain)

Best Speaker Tab: Loisa Ni Eideain (UCD L&H H)

Best Speaker Final: Ivan Ah Sam (Sydney A)

Motions1) TTHW Remove Religion From Education

2) TTHW Tie Human Rights to the olympic games

3) TTHW Force priests to testify as to the content of confessions

4) TTHW remove all tax privileges from artists.

5) TTH Supports 24hr drinking licences

QF: TTBT Britain should destroy its nukes

Semi: THW Ban international adoption Novice:

TTHW Pay surrogate mothers Final:

TTHW Ban any further televisation of the Saddam Hussein Trial

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