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1 December 2005

Cambridge Win English Mace

Cambridge (Alyson Thomson & Nick Devlin) have won the 2005 English Mace (in effect the English National Championships). They will go forward to the International Mace to fact the champions from Ireland, Scotland and Wales in 2006.

Best team on the tab was BPP (Fraser Campbell & Rebecca Gill). Top speaker was Tara Mounce (Oxford).

If anyone can provide motions and details of the final please post a comment or e-mail me.

UPDATE: (Thanks to Usman Ahmed)

the motions were,

R1) THW impose term limits on Prime Ministers

R2) THW end state funding of sportsmen and -women

R3) THBT ICANN should no longer report to the US government

R4) THW reintroduce grammar schools

R5) THBT Ariel Sharon was wrong to leave the likud party

R6) THW not have state funding for faith-based charities

SF) THW have an amnesty for illegal immigrants

Final) THW create a truth and reconciliation commission for Northern Ireland

the Final was

1st Prop - BPP A (Becca Gill & Fraser Campbell)

1st Opp - Cambridge A (Nick Devlin & Alyson Thompson)

2nd Prop - Bristol A (Hannah Klein & Usman Ahmed)

2nd Opp - Oxford B (Tara Mounce & Richard Goodman)

Cambridge A beat Bristol A on a 4-3 split decision.

The final judging panel was: Nick Paceco, Seb Isaac, Richard Osborne,Alexis Hearnden, Jack Anderson, Andrew Fitch & Neill Harvey-Smith

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  1. Anonymous2:36 pm

    Not sure if the wordings are exactly right, but these are the general ideas...

    1st Round: THW impose term limits on prime ministers.
    2nd: THW remove funding from sportsmen and women.
    3rd (preset): THW remove ICANN from U.S. control.
    4th: THW bring back grammar schools.
    5th (required analysis motion): THB Sharon was right to leave Likud.
    6th: THW withdraw state funding from religious charities.
    SF: THW provide amnesty to illegal aliens.
    F (preset): THW use TRCs in Northern Ireland.

    The semis went to the higher ranked teams in both cases, so the finals was:
    1P: BPP (Becca & Fraser)
    1O: Cam A (Nick & Ally)
    2P: Bristol A (Hannah & Usman)
    20: Ox B (Tara & Richard)

    The final used STV voting, w/ the initial (announced) split going: 3 Cam - 2 Bristol - 2 Ox. After implementing the simple count majority tie breaking procedure, Ox was eliminated and the final vote was 4 Cam - 3 Bristol.


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