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30 November 2005

Worlds Style Training Videos.

e-mail from UBC

UBC is proud to announce the release of our BP Training Videos.

The training videos are a 3 volume set of DVDs. The first 2 discs each feature a filmed BP debate, and a full adjudication by a panel of WUDC final round adjudicators. The third disc features the panel of adjudicators answering Frequently Asked Questions about BP debating. The debates feature top debates from Hart House, many of whom have national titles under their belt or have broken at worlds. The Adjudicators for the DVD's were myself, Ian Lising, Amanda Wolthuizen, and Jeremy Brier. The production values on these materials are quite high. A generous grant from the university enabled us to hire professional film production crews and Genie Award winning editors, so you can trust that the video and sound quality are excellent. As the adjudications of the 2 rounds are quite lengthy, they are suitable for beginners, or seasoned debaters. They will show what top adjudicators are looking for in the various positions, and what sorts of mistakes are typically punished severly and which are typically overlooked. For anyone who has wondered what on earth the judges are talking about when they ask you to leave the room, these training videos will shed some light
on it.

We will be bringing a number of copies to Dublin Worlds for sale, and we will be accepting advanced orders as of now. If you wish to reserve a copy, please send an e-mail with your name, contact info, and number of copies you would like to . Since the video production was heavily subsidized by the university, we are able to offer these videos at quite a low price. The price point of the set represents the cost of duplication. The cost per set is $25 USD or EUR 20, plus shipping for the complete 3 disc set. If you choose to pick up your set at Dublin, we will waive the shipping costs, as we will just bring them with us (the same is true of any other tournament that we attend).

Please let me know if you have any questions,

Kevin Massie
Chief Adjudicator - UBC 2007

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