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3 October 2005

WUDC phase 2

The following is an e-mail from the Dublin Worlds Org Committee:

Dear Debaters,
This e-mail has been sent to all major debating mailing lists, and to all institutional contacts registered with us. It is vital that anyone interested in attending the P&G Careers WUDC read this in its entirety. If you do not read it, then you may miss out entirely on the Dublin Worlds experience. Once you have read it, if you have any problems or queries (relating to this e-mail ? not just general societal difficulties) you should first contact the person in charge at your institution. If you are that person, you should contact us at

We are delighted to announce that Phase 2 of registration has now opened.

This phase will run from now until 4 November 2005.

If you have in paid in full, your places are completely secure. During Phase 2 you should ensure that information about your delegates is accurate, including travel information and dietary requirements. Accommodation requirements should be placed in the Other Information section.

If you have paid a deposit, but have not paid in full, your places are only secure until the end of this phase. Once this phase is finished, your places will not be secure, and other teams on the waiting list may take your places after Phase 2. You should also be ensuring the accuracy of the information relating to your delegation.

If you have not paid us anything, but have received a log-in and password, it?s time for you to hurry up. Register the teams and adjudicators that you need, then pay for them as fast as you can. You will only be able to pay in full at this stage ? we are not accepting further deposits.

If you have not been involved in the process to date, we have decided to allow you to apply for a log-in. Do so quickly, then follow the instructions in the paragraph above.

In general, institutional reps should now check that all the details on their account are correct, especially those relating to payment. If they are correct, please do not contact us. If they are not, start shouting to us about it.

Those of you who had difficulty in adding delegates once you had started the payment process will be glad to know that it is now possible to do this. You should do it as soon as possible to secure these delegates places.

If your institution would like to register a fifth or sixth team, you should, as stated earlier, send an e-mail to in the following form: ?RE: request for [1/2] extra team(s) - [Institution name] - [Date of e-mail]?. IF YOU DO NOT MAKE YOUR REQUEST IN THIS FORM, IT WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED. If you have requested teams from us in any other way, do it again in this manner. This is essential for us, as it is the only way we can manage the quantity of requests we are receiving.

Due to space constraints we have been forced to implement an adjudicator cap, so you may not be able to register all the adjudicators you want. Do not worry if this means you cannot meet the N-1 requirement. We can also no longer accept any more observers.


If you have any outstanding concerns about immigration that we could help you with, now is the time to start bringing them to our attention.

If you have any requests relating to accommodation, be sure to place them in the Other Information section.


Many of you who have registered as ESL have not given a reason to qualify you as ESL. Please do this to ensure that there are no difficulties at the tournament. If no reason is given, this may put your classification as an ESL speaker at risk.

Best of luck in securing your spot at the P&G Careers WUDC - the race will be to the swift.

We hope to see as many of you as possible in Dublin this December.

Kind regards,

John Harvey,

Philip Gilsenan & Pamela Newenham,

CiarĂ¡n Lawlor,

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