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4 October 2005

U.S. Universities National Open

2005 US Universities National Open, hosted by Occidental College (Eagle Rock, California)

Champion: Alaska A (Chris Kolerok & Tom Lassen)

Opening Government: Alaska A (Chris Kolerok & Tom Lassen)

Opening Opposition: La Verne A (Josh Martin & Rob Ruiz)
Closing Government: La Verne J (Xochitl Garcia & Michelle McPherson)
Closing Opposition: Claremont A (Jacob Heller & Gabriel Rocklin)

Final Adjudicators, Neill Harvey Smith, Melissa Franke, and Scott McKay

Top team of the tab: La Verne D (John Patrick & Katie Blakely)

Top Speakers
1. Josh Martin (La Verne)
2. Rob Ruiz (La Verne)
3. Miranda Weigler (Colgate University)
4. David Childers (Portland State University)
5. Derek Lande (University College, Cork)

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