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24 March 2000

WUDC Sydney 2000 Results


World Universities Debating ChampionshipWinner: Monash A (Cathy Rossouw and Kim Little, Australia)
Monash University, of Melbourne Australia, successfully defended the title won by Andrew Phillips and Meg O'Sullivan in Manila in 1999. This is the first ever successful championship defence at Worlds. Australia has now won the Championships more times than any other nation - on a total of six occasions.

Runners up:
Glasgow C (John-Paul Toner and Eleanor Winton, Scotland)
UC Dublin A (Simon Mills and Paul Brady, Ireland)
La Verne A (Justin Rodriguez and Sean Krispinsky, USA).

World Masters Debating Championship
Winner: Australia (Ben Richards and Tony Burke)

WUDC English as a Second Language Championship
Winner: National University of Singapore A (Rahul Ghosh and Wen-Qing Ngoei)

WUDC Public Speaking Championship
Winner: Benet Brandreth (Middle Temple, England)

WUDC Stand-Up Comedy Championship
Winners: Alan Merson and Ian Rutherford (Glasgow University Union, Scotland)

Best Speakers
1) Andy Kidd (Oxford A)
Andy was also named Best Speaker at the 1999 Worlds in Manila, where he was also a finalist.
2) Jacob Sullivan (Oxford A)
3) Ryan Orange (Oxford C)
4) Kim Little (Monash A)
5) Kirsty McNeill (Oxford C)
6) David O'Mahoney (Inner Temple A)
7) Kate Macdonald (Melbourne A)
8) Chris Bacon (Melbourne A)
9) Robert Silver (Ottawa A)
10) David Gamage (Stanford A)

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