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24 March 2000

WUDC Sydney 2000 Email updates

16 March 1999

Dear Debaters,
The XXth World Universities Debating Championship has been MOVED to start on TUESDAY 4th of JANUARY and finish with the grand final on Tuesday 11th, with accommodation provided until 12 noon on Wednesday 12th of January.

This decision has been based on our research into the price and availability of flights into Sydney directly before New Year's Eve from many parts of the world. Many flights into Sydney are already booked out with people arriving for the new millenium. Prices are already prohibitive and set to rise as we approach that date. Our new dates will enable you to fly to Sydney AFTER New Year (and the first of January!), which should solve these problems. This does NOT remove the NEED TO BOOK EARLY. Australia seems to be an extremely desirable destination this summer, and the travel agents expect flights to be booked out close to that date.

Quite a few people also communicated with us a wish to spend this special New Year's Eve with loved ones back home.

We understand that this move may cause some people difficulties, and we apologise for this. We felt, however, that the date change was the lesser of two evils. We will endeavour to render all assistance possible to overcome these difficulties. In the past, the tournament has been held even later in January.

If you still wish to celebrate the new millennium in Sydney, do not fear. We will still be offering a package of accommodation and informal social events starting from the 27th of December. We will still be having a NYE party and all of you are most welcome to come and join us. This will provide you with the perfect opportunity to have a real Sydney summer holiday in the sun, and enable you to be relaxed and refreshed for the start of the tournament.

There will be no shortage of things to see and do during this period, Sydney will be full of action and excitement as well as places to relax and get a good tan. You may even wish to visit other parts of Australia first. We will endeavour to assist you to plan a trip to suit your desires. You can stay at Sydney Uni (in our cheap college accommodation - other accommodation will be extremely expensive) any nights you require from 27th December.

More information giving further details of our tournament will follow very soon. Our website is now up at, and will shortly be updated to reflect the date change.

You should direct any queries arising from this email to me, Peter Nicholas, the Communications Director for Worlds 2000 at the email address

In general, please use your regional email addresses for all other enquiries. We have now appointed two people to co-ordinate communications with specific regions.

For Europeans emailing to, your queries will now be answered by Belinda Yeo, who recently adjudicated at the Manila Worlds.

People resident in North or South America should use This will reach Ed Sexton.

All others should use
which will be answered by me.

If you are no longer a debater or in contact with your university, please forward this to the relevant person. We would also appreciate it if you could advise us of their contact details.

You may also get this email more than once. I apologise if this has occurred.

I hope you understand our concerns, and will still be able to see us in Sydney come January next year. Again, if you have any queries or problems, please reply to me or your regional co-ordinators.

Yours Sincerely
Peter Nicholas
Communications Director
For the Sydney Worlds 2000 Executive


4 June 1999

Dear Debaters,
You are receiving this email because, according to our records, you are
interested in the World Universities Debating Championship. If this is not
the case, please reply telling me so, and we will remove you from our list.
If this is so, we apologise for disturbing you.

I hope that all of you now realise that dates of the XXth World Universities
Debating Championship, to be hosted by the University of Sydney Union, have
been changed . Sydney Worlds 2000 will now start on the 4th of January 2000,
and the Grand Final will be on the evening of 11th of January, meaning that
accommodation lasts until noon on the 12th. This move was unavoidable due to
the restricted availability and excessive pricing of flights prior to
January 1st into Sydney. If there are any further questions arising from
this change, please feel free to ask me.

Preparations for Worlds are now well advanced and we are looking forward to
greeting you all in Sydney.




4th January

* Registration

* Opening ceremony

* Opening night party

5th January

* Worlds Masters

* Training seminars

* Adjudicator evaluation

6th January

* Debate rounds 1, 2, 3

* Party [Glasgow (next year's hosts) Night either tonight or tomorrow]

7th January

* Debate rounds 4, 5, 6

* Party

8th January

* Debate rounds 7, 8, 9

* Break night party

9th January

* Free day

* Worlds Council

10th January

* Octo- and Quarter-finals

* Championship Dinner (Darling Harbour)

11th January

* Semi-finals

* Grand Final

* Final night party

12th January

* Bye




Rego costs include all accommodation from the night of 4th of January till
the noon on the 12th of January.

Accommodation will be in the on-campus residential colleges of Sydney
University in single or double rooms. The colleges are 5 minutes' walk from
the debating venues. The university itself is a 10 minute bus trip from the
city centre and harbour. Accommodation will include breakfast each day, and
most other meals will also be provided.

Accommodation will be available before the tournament from the 27th of
December, and for a fairly flexible amount of time afterwards. Again, this
will include breakfast. Extra accommodation will cost A$40 per night. We
will endeavour to meet to everyone at the airport, given sufficient notice
of your flight details. Some help with travel after the tournament will also
be available.

New Year's Eve in Sydney will be sensational, as Sydney has been recognised
as one of the best three or four venues in the world for the end of the
millennium. (That's why flights are so difficult before New Year's! So book
early, i.e. now, if you're arriving before then. Several airlines are using
sliding scales to jack prices up month-by-month.) We will be providing for
whoever can make it. Our plans for this night are still being finalised, but
a big party will very much be the order of the day.




We'll be hitting many of Sydney's top nightspots. The venues will range from

the harbour, to the city, to historic venues within Sydney University

itself. (100% guarantee against the use of basketball courts). The socials

are designed to cater for the diversity of interests that are the world

debating community as well as cater for cross-cultural common denominators

of food and drink. They will include live bands, DJs, night-clubs, open air

venues and our harbour. Everyone is flocking to Sydney in 2000 for its

nightlife. (Not the fact they heard that there was going to be a debating

tournament on, funnily enough). The university itself is situated in the

heart of Sydney's student district, and the surrounds are full of cheap and

cheerful multi-cultural restaurants, bars and caf├ęs. But never fear, for

those of you who grew fond of the Manila MegaMall experience, we have a mall

of our own (though admittedly smaller) on one edge of the university.




The tournament promises the highest standards of adjudication and debating.

We have recently hosted the Australasian debating tournament, and the same

people are back again to make sure Sydney Worlds 2000 runs just as smoothly.

The debating tradition at Sydney University is extremely strong, with over

100 debaters regularly attending debates, and a proud record over the

history of Worlds itself.

Adjudicators will be subjected to rigorous testing and evaluation. Our Chief

Adjudicator, Rebecca Graham, has had extensive Worlds experience, and will

be assisted by our two Deputy Chief Adjudicators Ben Foss and Andy Hume,

from America and the UK respectively. We aim to ensure the highest ever

standard of adjudication at a Worlds through our new programme of

accreditation, which is similar to that used for the Australasians





Current Worlds regulations state the each university must send one less

adjudicator than the total number of teams ("n-1"). Therefore, if your

university wishes to send 4 teams, it must send 3 adjudicators, if you wish

to send 2 teams, you must send 1 adjudicator.

There will also be a team cap of six teams per university. If this creates

difficulties for any reason, please contact us now.




You need not pay us until October, but if now is easier, we can invoice you

and process your payment now.

Registration will be charged in Australian Dollars (currently around 62 US

cents). Registration for each debater will be $A550 Australian Dollars, and

$A525 per adjudicator (on the basis that they sit our accreditation test). A

late fee will apply after November 1.

Payment may be made by cheque or money order to "The University of Sydney

Union", direct transfer or credit card. For any payment enquiries, please

email Laila De Melo, our Finance Director, on and

cc your email to me at




We will be continuing with the Worlds Masters tournament that began in

Manila. (This tournament is designed to lure previous megastars back as

adjudicators). Representation will be by nations, with each nation sending

up to two teams of two people. The national intervarsity debating body is

responsible for naming teams.

As you may have deduced, the format has been changed to regular Worlds style

rather than four per team, but two teams may enter from each nation.

The knockout rounds will be conducted on the 5th of January and the final

will be later on in the week. Expressions of interest in Worlds Masters

should be made to you national body and then to myself.




While I am the overall Communications Director for Worlds

(, we have appointed regional co-ordinators who

will be dealing with your day-to-day concerns directly.

These are

North America: Edward Sexton

Europe: Belinda Yeo

If you are from either of these regions, Ed or Belinda should be your first

point of contact.

I will be co-ordinating Asia, Africa and our own region, and can be reached





I am also available over ICQ (UIN 13530418) or AOL instant messenger

("Dasher PJN")

Please also check our soon-to-be-updated website, for further details. We will post all

newsletters there in future.

From our website, you can join one of two Worlds eGroups (sydworlds-announce

or sydworlds-digest) to make sure you're emailed either general

announcements or more detailed information about the tournament. Please do

this, particularly if you're the contact person from your university.

We would also advise that you start looking into buying tickets to Sydney

soon. We are still working on several airlines for discounted rates and will

update you if any deal does eventuate.

I hope to be in touch with you all soon.


Peter Nicholas

Communications Director

Sydney Worlds 2000


8 September 1999

Dear Debater

This is another email concerning the XXth World Universities Debating Championship. If you no longer wish to receive any information about this tournament, please reply to us now.

The XXth World Championships are only four months away and we at Sydney University are getting really excited about Worlds. The debates community on campus is becoming even more active than ever. We've got over 100 Sydney University students debating in Worlds style at the moment and many of them will be organising and adjudicating at the tournament. We've also recently confirmed the Governor General of Australia (our de facto head of state) to be the patron of the tournament.

We're pleased to announce that the website has finally been updated to include more registration information. This includes the registration deadline of the 31st of October 1999. Later registration may incur a substantial late fee. Those who have not settled all debts with us by the 4th of January , which is the first day of the tournament, will be unable to participate.

The website contains some useful travel links for Sydney and Australia. It also includes the rules of the tournament and will soon be updated again with more adjudication and social information. Socially the tournament promises to be one of the best yet which some crazy events like harbour cruises, free day trips to the beach, a formal dinner at the Darling Harbour Convention Centre (an Olympic venue) and parties at some of the city's most prestigious pubs and clubs.

Also, it would be useful at this stage if you could update your regional co-ordinator with a new estimate of how many people are coming from your university and whether you need a formal invite for your institution or help with sponsorship letters. Any flight information and requests for accommodation outside the tournament dates would also be appreciated.

Lastly, it would be useful if you could send me the most up-to-date postal address for your institution's debate society for my records . Our registration forms will be available on our website in the next fortnight, but if you'd prefer, you can ask us to post them to you instead.


Peter Nicholas

Communications Director

Sydney Worlds 2000


26 September 1999

Dear Debaters,

This is another update from the Sydney Worlds 2000 Executive. If you would

no longer like to be informed about Worlds, or have received this in error,

I apologise, and ask you to reply so that I can remove you from my list.

We are pleased to announce that the registration forms can now be downloaded

from the website from the 'registration' page Please note that the

registration deadline is the 31st of October. Universities registering after

this date do so at their own risk, as Sydney will be an incredibly busy city

in January 2000 and we need to finalise our accommodation needs as soon as

possible. Consequently, we are not guaranteeing participation in the

tournament to those registering after this date. Payments made after the

31st may also incur a 25 dollar late fee at the discretion of the finance

director. If you have any difficulties with this, contact us now.

Moreover, those wanting accomodation before the tournament from the 27th of

December should contact us immediately. We can accommodate everyone as long

as we have **plenty** of notice - again, if you ask us late, we may not be

able to help you. You should email your regional contact person soon if you

do require this accommodation (unless you have already) and confirm it by

sending in your registration forms by fax or mail.

We are also happy to announce that in order to aid your preparation for the

tournament, and further the high standard of debating, a Worlds-style

training video and commentary has been prepared by the Chief Adjudicator.

This video will be distributed to all universities who will attend Sydney

Worlds on a request basis.

If you are in the UK or North America, the video will be distributed through

the Deputy Chief Adjudicators, Ben Foss and Andy Hume, in conjunction with

the relevent regional body. Videos will be distributed at the various autumn

Debating Competitions. For more information on this, contact Rebecca Graham,

our Chief Adjudicator, at

If you are in any other region, we will be directly in charge of

distribution. Please email me at to request a


In other exciting news, for all those who have not yet booked flights we are

in the final stages of arranging a flight deal with Qantas. The details are

still being finalised, but international flights may be discounted by about

10 per cent if you are able to find a group of 10 people who are

intending to travel on the same flight and you are travelling within 7 days

either side of the tournament. I will email you the complete details when

they are finalised later in the week.

Furthermore, for all those cricket fans out there, we have managed to secure

tickets for the India-Australia Test match for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of

January. If you will be in Sydney during this period, please let us know

if you want tickets so we can get some idea of how many tickets to put


I hope to see you all in Sydney


Peter Nicholas

Communications Director,

Sydney Worlds 2000.

previous updates can be viewed at


19 October 1999


Dear all,

This is a reminder notice about the Worlds Video Sydney University is making available to all institutions. If your institution would like a

copy of this video, you have until October 31st to let us know so we can copy the videos and distribute them, allowing adequate time for interested competitors and adjudicators to watch the video before the tournament.

Below is detailed information about the video to enable you to decide whether you want a copy. If you have any more questions, feel free to contact the Chief Adjudicator, Rebecca Graham, at


What is the video?

It is probably best to start by outlining what this video is not. This video is NOT an adjudication accreditation video. It is a training video. It is specifically suited to adjudicators (judges) trying to improve their knowledge and understanding of British Parliamentary Style debating. However, it may also be of interest to debaters training for the competition.

What is on the video?

The video is of a British Parliamentary style debate staged at Sydney Uni earlier this year. The competitors are unfortunately mostly Australian, due to the lack of debaters of other nationalities in Sydney.

What comes with the video?

The video comes with an Information Pack including:

* The Worlds Rules

* An Introduction to the video and to Worlds-style debating

* Notes to read during the debate

It is the last of these three items, the notes to read during the debate, which is the most important. These notes comprise a commentary on each speaker. They look at the various components of the speech (eg positive matter, rebuttal, points of information) and enunciate the positive and negative things speakers did in each of these areas. These notes should enhance your understanding of what teams and speakers are meant to do in a Worlds-style debate and better equip you to judge a debate.

Are there any other formalities (eg accreditation or testing) that adjudicators should know about?

Adjudicators will be tested at Worlds on January 5, the day before debating starts. The test will involve all adjudicators watching another video-taped debate and writing a one page outline of how they awarded the debate and why. We intend to screen this video on Jan 2, 3 and 4 as well and encourage adjudicators to watch it as soon as they get to Sydney.


The universities from outside the UK and North America that have ordered

the training video so far are as follows.




University of Santo Tomas



Bandung Institute of Technology

Institut Teknologi Mara

Hebrew University Israel




University of Cape Town

If you believe you have already ordered the video and are not on

this list,

please email now.


Qantas Airways has been appointed the Official Airline for the World Universities Debating Championships to be held in Sydney, 4-11 January 2000. Under this arrangement Qantas offices in all parts of the world will be pleased to discuss with you or your travel agent any special travel requirements and itineraries, and will explain airfare structure for the most economical travel to suit your needs. Please quote the reference code CIC*461/200

Qantas reservations telephone numbers you should call are:


Amsterdam: 683 8081

Geneva: 0848 888 747

Germany: 0180 3250630

Paris: 803 846 846

Rome: 06 5249 1525

Stockholm: 0824 2502

United Kingdom:0345 747 767

Zurich: 01 211 4411

North &South America-

Canada: 1800 227 4500 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 1800 227 4500 end_of_the_skype_highlighting

USA (inc Honolulu):1800 227 4500 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 1800 227 4500 end_of_the_skype_highlighting

Buenos Aires: 4320 6688

Santiago: 232 9562

South Pacific

Auckland: 357 8900

Rest of NZ: 0800 808 767

Nadi: 72 2880

Noumea: 28 6546

Papeete: 43 06 65

Port Moresby: 321 12 00


Bali: 288331

Bankok: 636 1747

Beijing: 6467 4794

Ho Chi Minh City: 842 4950

Hong Kong: 2842 1438

Jakarta: 230 0277

Kuala Lumpor: 267 6188

Manila: 812 0607

Mumbai: 282 8794

New Delhi: 332 9027

Seoul: 777 6871

Shanghai: 6279 8128

Singapore: 839 7788

Taipei: 2522 1001

Tokyo: 3593 7000

Rest of Japan: 0120 7020


Harare: 751228

Johannesburg: 784 5300

Furthermore, we are looking forward to receiving your registration by October 31. If you are having difficulties, please contact us now.


Peter Nicholas and Rebecca Graham for the

Sydney Worlds 2000 Executive


5 November 1999


Dear Worlds Debaters,

The bank account details for wire transfers have been changed to deal with

the huge influx of funds. Future bank wire transfers should be directed to

To: University of Sydney Union

Bank: National Australia Bank

Branch: Wentworth Building, University of Sydney

State Code: 082

Branch: 372

Account No: 50945 3758

Universities who have already wired money to the old account

will receive individual confirmation of this as soon as possible.

Laila de Melo, the Finance Director, can be reached at if you have any finance queries. Finance emails can

also be cc'd the me at

Laila would also like to stress the importance of filling out the finance

form page of the registration kit. Anyone who has sent the other

registration forms, but not a finance form should contact Laila

now by email to explain how you are going to pay.


Although the deadline for worlds registration has passed, we still have

plenty of places available in the tournament for any interested

parties. We would appreciate you contacting us very soon if you are still

interested in coming to worlds.

Your first point of contact should be your regional directors

America: Edward:

Europe: Belinda

The rest of the world: myself at

Tournament details are readily available at our website,

If you know of anyone who you think does not know about the tournament,

please send me their contact details ASAP.

To gain exemption from the $25 late fee, please contact Laila at and explain your situation.

We will all endeavour to answer your emails as soon as possible,

but please bear in mind that we are currently doing our end-of-year exams

most of which will be finished by the 19th of November.


Pre-tournament accomodation is almost at capacity. Therefore we would

encourage anyone arriving earlier who has not already booked accomodation

with us on the registration forms or by email to look into finding their

own accomodation in hostels. This may also be substantially cheaper than our

college accomodation rate as dorm rooms can be booked for around

$20 a night. If this proves impossible, further college accomodation may be

available, although there may be a price rise for people who book late.

some useful websites include,

also maybe Millett's Budget Accomodation may be helpful

phone + 61 2 9 283 6599 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting + 61 2 9 283 6599 end_of_the_skype_highlighting

fax +61 2 9262 9705

or Forest Lodge Backpackers' which is near the University can be phoned on

+612 9660 1872 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting +612 9660 1872 end_of_the_skype_highlighting

(These people have indicated to us that they will not start taking bookings

until December.)

Another hotel close to university is the Vulcan, 500 Wattle St, Ultimo NSW

2007, phone +612 9211 3283 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting +612 9211 3283 end_of_the_skype_highlighting, Fax +612 9212 7439. (although don't tell these

people you are attending worlds as we have recently declined their offer to

accommodate participants during the tournament.)

Post-tournament accomodation can be booked now, but we would

prefer if this was done during the tournament. At that stage we will be

able to

offer you a range of different packages that will suit your individual


Furthermore, more than two nights of post-tournament accomodation in the

colleges may not be feasible at this stage. There should be a

huge amount of accomdation available in Sydney at that time after the New

Years Eve crowd has moved on.

I would also like to add that the response to this year's Worlds has been

tremendous. The tournament will consist of at least 700 people

and includes many new regions and debating soceties that have never

participated before.

Everyone at Sydney University have become increasingly excited about the

tournament and we have 100 students already signed up as helpers.

The second wave of video orders were also addressed and mailed out

personally by the Chief Adjudicator earlier this week.

Best of luck with your preparations


Peter Nicholas

Communications Director for the

Sydney Worlds 2000 Executive

4th-11th January 2000 at the University of Sydney

+61 417 672 603 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting +61 417 672 603 end_of_the_skype_highlighting (Mobile)

Fax + 61 2 9563 6109

Mailing Address:

Worlds Committee, Access Centre,

Level 3 Wentworth Building,

University of Sydney NSW 2006,


ICQ: 13530418

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