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24 March 1999

WUDC Manila 1999 Other Events at Worlds

Other Events...

Don't worry. We know that there can only be one. One champion, three finalists, and ten best debaters later, you wonder, "Was that all there was to Worlds?" Well, the Olympics doesn't end with the Men's 100-meter dash Gold Medal, so why should we stop handing out prizes when there are other deserving people out there? Here are:

This extemporaneous speaking competition is open to anyone at Worlds. Speakers will be presented with a topic and have up to a minute to prepare for the speech. They will then have 5 to 7 minutes to complete it. So please, participate in two preliminary rounds and a Grand Final and find out if you are the best public speaker in the World!

Run through the routine, gear up the gag, and get ready to rumble - are you the funniest person in the World? This event is open to anyone at Worlds, so start putting your act together as soon as possible. There is no time limit - just don't get yourself booed off stage. Only the best will make it to the finals, held in a Manila nightclub. Profanity, insults, and other vulgarities are at your own embarrassment.

The World Masters are all-star debaters representing their nations, not universities. Only the strongest survive in this three round elimination tournament (World Cup Style) to start the festivities of the week. The Finals will be held at week's end. The competition is open only to those selected by their national debating organization or (only if no such organization exists) by the university which represents the respected country at World Council. The Masters are expected to adjudicate at Worlds.

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