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4 April 2012

Yayasan Orator Confirms The Takeover Of The World Universities Peace Invitational Debate


More than 5 years of WUPID history will draw to a close later this month when the debating event is for the last time until at least 2016 will no longer be organized by H & G Strategic Communications Sdn Bhd.

Yayasan Orator confirmed last Monday that it has secured exclusive rights to WUPID from 2012, including the WUPID in Bahasa Melayu, in a four-year deal believed to be worth at USD$1m.

Debating has been an important portfolio of H & G’s speech communication business since 2006, with WUPID in particular bringing both the nation and the world’s top university debaters to Malaysia. First sponsored by CIMB in 2007, WUPID attracted a domestic audience of up to 500 and, according to The Debating News, an estimated global viewing figure of 10 thousand.

CIMB WUPID 2008 were among the many outstanding moments to have been organized by H & G, and though the sponsor has ceased it’s sponsorship to concentrate on squash, many in global debating will find it difficult to forget CIMB's connection with global debating.

The exact value of the deal with Yayasan Orator remains secret due to "commercial sensitivity", but a report in The Debating News mid last month reported that it would be worth around USD$1m for four years.
Announcing the deal, Shamsul Azhar Ismail, the managing director of H & G, which conducted the negotiations, said that Yayasan Orator had "shown a total commitment to debating and WUPID", adding that "the new deal will not only deliver increased benefits for Malaysian debating, but with debating at large. Yayasan Orator offers a compelling vision to innovate the way debating is organized.

"They have also committed to expand the event and to promote WUPID more widely. This is a great opportunity for global debating in the long term."

Saiful Amin Jalun, the lead advisor for WUPID, said that the contract is "a huge boost for debating", and that "the vision and nature of this new arrangement will help to make a step change in the way we organize debating events".
Yayasan Orator

Yayasan Orator supports the development and empowerment of communities. Yayasan Orator is committed to improving the quality of life of communities and promoting sustainable development through the promotion of debate and oratory excercise. Yayasan Orator itself, and in strategic partnerships, aims to improve the lives of communities and individuals by responding to needs and opportunities in the areas of Community Development, Events and Education.
The objectives of Yayasan Orator are:
Support the empowerment and development of communities through but not limited to the development of educational programmes and further develop strategies and programme to promote public speaking through the foundation, public agencies, private bodies and other organizations.
Build meaningful relationships and strategic partnerships with other institutions and organizations, locally and internationally on matters associated with but not limited to good educational practices and good practices of public speaking.
Identify and undertake projects that will promote understanding and the good educational practices and good practices of public speaking locally and internationally and to disseminate information on good practices of education and good practices of public speaking through various media to public, schools, community centres and other target groups.

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