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12 April 2012

La Verne 100 Years Debate Tournament

Recently, the University of La Verne held its 1st Annual 100 Years Debate Tournament. Rob Ruiz, the Director of Forensics at the University of La Verne, wanted to create a tournament that would carry a tradition for 100 years with a unique twist on the implementation as well as granting much of the logistical powers to ULV students. The CA who came up with the motions and carried out the majority of the functions for tournament was Ari Lamb. Will Reilley was the Tab Director for the 20 team tournament. This was the first tournament Ari has been a CA as well as Will tabbing, and they both did an amazing job.

            The twist at this tournament that will last for the next 99 years was mirrored from the AustralAsian style of debate. Each of the 5 preliminary rounds had TWO motions based on a theme. The rooms were announced and the respective teams had to find each team that were in their respective rooms. The CA announced two motions and the four teams voted on the motion they wanted to debate. If there was a tie, the Opening Government had tie-breaking authority and the round would debate that particular motion. In order to best prepare for finding the teams and then vote on a motion, prep time was 20 minutes long. There were 4 preliminary rounds on Saturday, one preliminary round on Sunday, and then a break to Semis and then to Finals. All break rounds also had two motions. The feedback was extraordinaire. The tournament was a fun, relaxing time, with top competition to prepare for US NATS.

            The trophy was built by ULV alumni and participant in the tournament, Nick McGrail. The trophy is large enough to carry 100 plaques that will include the names of those who made the Final, the year it was held, and the Winning Team names. At the end of the 100 years, the University or College that wins the tournament will be able to keep this historic piece of artwork.

The top 5 Speakers of the tournament were:
1.      JJ Rodriguez
2.      Rob Ruiz
3.      Emily Ravenscroft
4.      Ryan Mansell
5.      Thomas Allison

The Finals included:

Opening Government: The Vagina Monologues (Ryan Mansell & Corey Teter)
Opening Opposition: WTFWJD? (Josh Martin & Carl Decker)
Closing Government: Old Hacks for Sack (JJ Rodriguez & Ernie Minner)
Closing Opposition: Lubed by Liquor (Emily Ravenscroft and Rob Ruiz)

Winners: Lubed by Liquid (Emily Ravenscroft and Rob Ruiz)

 Judging Panel: Chair: Ari Lamb
 Panelists: Ian Lising, Tanya Alsheikh, Nikkia Williams, Will Reilley, Dafne  Gokcen,  Mica Anderson,

Final Motion (Chosen): THW teach Fetish Classes in High School
                             Other:   THBT Sex Ed should broaden its teaching to pleasure.

Semis: (Chosen): THW allow for gay adoption
             (Chosen): THBT transgendered individuals should be able to participate in
                                beauty pageants.

Round 1: THBT the EU should have a standing army
               TH supports sending aid to North Korea

Round 2: THW drill in National Parks
                THW release animals back into their natural habitat

Round 3: THW require zombie apocalypse training for the military
                 THW force all superheroes to register their true identity to the

Round 4: THW rescue child soldiers
                 THW use death row inmates for medical testing

Round 5: THW encourage the creation of Islamic Courts inside the United States
                 TH supports the military burning of the Koran in Afghanistan

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