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2 April 2012

Israeli ASA (Academic Sports Association) Debating Competition 2012

This is the third year this 4 days event is taking place in the lovely sunny vacation town of Eilat in southern Israel.

The Winners: Uri Feldman and Keren Kuralander (IDC Herzliya)

Best Speaker: Uri Feldman (IDC Herzliya)
Best Junior Speaker: Yael Goren (MTA)


1. THW allow people given life imprisonment to be able to choose the death penalty
2. THBT the state should only fund sports that bring achievements
3. THW allow families to check their relatives into rehab for treat drug and alcohol addiction
4. THW cancel the State Witness agreement
Semi-Finals: THW ban donations from abroad to local political associations
Final: THW prohibit all media statements made by senior Israeli officials on the subject of a military attack on Iran

CA – Rinat Gershfeld
DCA – Lior Hadas
Convener – Amitai Itzkovitch

Rinat Gershfeld

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