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29 April 2012

Australs 2012 DCAs - feedback welcomed on applicants

[On behalf of the Vic Australs Orgcomm]

Victoria University Australs 2012 had received 4 DCA applications.  The applications we have received are from:

Ely Zosa, Ateneo de Manila University;
Ravi Dutta, Monash University;
Seb Templeton, Victoria University of Wellington; and
Steph D'Souza, Sydney University

We have up to three slots remaining on the Adjudication Core.  It would be good if you can send any feedback about any of the applicants to Stephen Whittington ( by Friday 4 May.  Please feel free to indicate whether you are supportive of having an adjudication core of 5 people, or would prefer 4.


Steve Whittington
CA, Vic Australs 2012

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