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13 March 2012

Manchester to Bid for Euros 2013

Manchester have announced their intention to bid to host the European Debating Championships in 2012.  


Welcome to the Manchester bid for EUDC 2013!

The Manchester Debating Union is proud to extend this bid, and we are excited to offer you the finest accommodation, location and socials Europe has to offer.

Our Union is equipped to produce a great tournament. Every year we bring you the Manchester IV- one of the biggest and best competitions on the United Kingdom circuit- and now we’re excited to ...bring Euros not only back to the UK but to Manchester.

Hosting 2013 Euros would give us the opportunity to show off the best of British. We intend to prove young people can be engaged in a positive and productive way- as you will see in our soon-to-be-announced key note speaker!

On the 19th-23rd August 2013, we aim to produce a fantastic European competition, 5 full days of excellent debating, fantastic judging and socials ranging in location from Old Trafford football stadium to our famous curry mile.

Euros 2013 in Manchester will be an exceptional tournament.

Debating Love,
Prospective Convenor, Manchester Euros 2013

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