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27 March 2012

DCA the Pan African Universities Debating Championships

Dear Debating community
I am very excited to announce that applications to DCA the Pan African Universities Debating Championships are now officially open. The tournament will be held at TUT and is scheduled to run from the 9th till the 16th of December. I urge all as many people to apply and spread the word. We have three DCA positions open. As is tradition the one spot will be allocated to an international DCA, whose travel costs will be covered, with the remaining two spaces open for african applicants. I have to stress however that the positions will be awarded on merit and other relevant criteria such as experience. So make sure you send a kick ass CV.

To officially apply for the positions, please send a full debating CV detailing all your debating/ adjudication experience (make it as colourful and exciting as it can be, but don't lie: BIG BROTHER is watching you). Along with this please send a letter of motivation and a list of 10 original sample motions. With regards to the motions please try and make your topics range from political, economic and social.

I feel it is only fair to outline the various responsibilities that a DCA
will face before and during this tournament:

- adjudicating in the tournament
-Involved in training- record videos and reviewing content. (before)
-motion setting
-tab room logistics
-crisis management
-must respond within hours to e-mails.

The deadline for African applications is Friday the 13th, and for International applicants is 20 April. Please email all applications to

I am super keen to get as many applications as possible so like I said earlier spread the word.
Eternal peace, love and happiness to all

Afika Nqeto


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