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7 March 2012

Budapest Open‏

From March 2-4 the first edition of the Budapest Open took place at the Central European University in Budapest. A total of 48 teams debated in 4 preliminary rounds to break to semi-finals.

The tournament was won by ‘Pinky and the Brain’ (Macedonia) on a 3-2 split. The best speaker was Maja Cimerman. The final adjudication panel consisted of Stephen Boyle (CA),  Tijana Mijalkovic, Manos Moschopoulos, Yoni Cohen-Idov and Leela Koenig.

These are the motions:

R1: THW not imprison those convicted of non-violent crimes
R2: THW make development aid conditional upon the improvement of women’s rights.
R3: THW lift the ban on Communist symbols in all post-communist EU member states
R4: THW only provide state pension to those mentally or physically unable to work.

SF: THW ban medicine designed to erase human memories
F: THBT violent activities to achieve anti-capitalist aims in Western societies are justified

The debating societies of the Central European University and Corvinus University hope to see you next year in beautiful Budapest!

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