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9 March 2012

100 years of debating at La Verne

 The weekend of March 9, 10, and 11 marks the Centennial for the University of La Verne Debate Team. March 11, 1912 was the day that the Lordsburg Debate College Academy held its very first public debate with the motion, “Be it resolved that Capital Punishment should be abolished.” 100 years later, the University of La Verne commemorates the occasion with three events designed to honor their past, celebrate their present, and inspire their future.

Friday March 9 will kick off the weekend with the Championship round of the La Verne Faculty Debate Series. For over a month, the La Verne Debate Team has hosted a series of debates in the BP format for La Verne Faculty. After the preliminary rounds, the Final Round will involve Dr. Bill Cook, Professor Sean Dillon, Dr. Jerome Garcia, Dr. Issam Ghazzawi, Dr. Jay Jones, Dr. Ken Marcus, Dr. Jason Neidleman, and Dr. Kat Weaver.

Saturday March 10 will continue with the Lordsburg Union Public Debate. Former ULV debater Nathan Baca, now an Investigative Reporter for KLAS-TV Las Vegas, will participate in a public address and then debate on the motion with current ULV debaters, on the motion, “This House believes that media has destroyed the democratic process.”

Culminating on Sunday March 11, 100 years to the day, the best of La Verne will debate the very same motion that occurred on March 11, 1912. The Opening Government team consists of 2001 Cambridge IV Semifinalist Ernie Minner and 2001 World Semifinalist Stefan Chacon. The Opening Opposition team consists of 2007 US Nationals Champion Rob Ruiz and 2008 US Nationals Finalist Thomas Allison. The Closing Government team consists of the 2000 Sydney World Universities Debate Championship Finalists JJ Rodriguez and Sean Krispinsky. The Closing Opposition team consists of 2006 US National Open Champion John Patrick and 2007 US Nationals Debate Champion Josh Martin.

All the events will be held in the evening at the newly renovated Steve and Ann Morgan Auditorium. These events are open to the public as well as any friends and alumni of ULV. The host for the weekend is none other than the prestigious and kind, World’s Chair Emeritus Ian Lising. With every legacy around our debate community, La Verne is proud to continue the tradition of debate and rhetoric on a grand scale. La Verne Debate: “changing the world, one word at a time.”

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