Dear debaters of Europe,
The moment that you've been waiting for is almost here. Registration for all institutions that wish to participate in Belgrade EUDC 2012 will open on Wednesday, February 29, at 12:00 CET (Central European time). That is 11:00 London/Dublin/Lisbon, 12:00 Belgrade/Paris/Amsterdam/Berlin, 13:00 Athens/Ankara/Tallinn and 14:00 Moscow/Doha time.

Every institution will be able to register a maximum of 3 teams and, as with previous Championships, this phase operates on a first come first serve basis with one team slot reserved per country. We will maintain our team cap of 220, as announced in the bidding process. Registration will be done on an n-1 basis (so institutions will be able to register 1 team and 0 judges, 2 teams and 1 judge or 3 teams and 2 judges).

During the first phase of registration we will be asking you for your institution name, country, delegate representative name, contact e-mail and number of teams and judges that you are registering.

The registration process for independent adjudicators will open on Wednesday, March 7. Further details about this process, including information on how to apply for adjudicator subsidies, will be released on March 1.

As for the rest of the registration process, all successfully registered institutions will have to pay a non-refundable deposit of €65 per participant by March 23. Full payment of the resulting balance is due by April 23. We will be asking all successfully registered institutions to provide us with their final delegate details by May 15.

Watch our website at for a full registration guide, including screenshots of the registration forms, to be released February 23. You can contact if you have any questions regarding the process.

In the meantime - keep your fingers in shape ;)
On behalf of the Belgrade EUDC 2012 Organizing Committee,
Selena Torlakovic and Marija Simic
Registration Officers