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28 February 2012

EUDC 2012 Registration TOMORROW

Dear debaters of Europe,

Here are the guidelines for EUDC 2012 Registration:

So that we have Google's servers to count on for when thousands of people will be clicking refresh every half a second.

START:  Wednesday, February 29, at 12:00 CET:
  • London/Dublin/Lisbon at 11:00,
  • Belgrade/Paris/Amsterdam/Berlin at 12:00,
  • Athens/Ankara/Tallinn at 13:00 and
  • Moscow/Doha at 14:00
In the initial phase, registration will be done on an n-1 basis (3 teams / 2 judges or 2 teams / 1 judge, and 1 team / 0 judges):
  • Maximum of 3 teams per institution.
  • First come first serve basis
  • EUDC requirement of 1 team per country is applied.

If your institution would like to seek an n-1 waiver (i.e., not be obliged to send 2 judges for 3 teams / 1 judge for 2 teams etc) if we were able to provide such a facility, please signify that in the relevant question at the end of the form. That question is not required for submitting the form.

At 22:00 CET, a list of all “registered” teams and those on the “waiting list” at that point in time will be announced. We remind you that the team cap is 220. After publishing the list, you will get the phase 2 guidelines (payment details included).

Keep your fingers in shape – [For a picture of the form visit]:

On behalf of the Belgrade EUDC 2012 Organising Committee,
Selena Torlakovic and Marija Simic
Registration Officers

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