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25 January 2012

World Schools Octo-Final Results

OF1: Singapore (1) vs. South Korea (16) 2-1 Singapore
OF2: Philippines (8) vs. Canada (9) 2-1 Philippines
OF3: Australia (4) vs. Malaysia (13) 3-0 Australia
OF4: Scotland (5) vs. Greece (12) 3-0 Scotland
OF5: Lithuania (11) vs. England (6) 3-0 England
OF6: Hong Kong (14) vs. New Zealand (3) 2-1 New Zealand
OF7: India (10) vs. Wales (7) 3-0 Wales
OF8: Ireland (15) vs. South Africa (2) 2-1 Ireland

Quarterfinal Match-up
QF1: Singapore (1) vs. Philippines (8) (Judges:Christopher Bishop (chair), Taiumur Bandey, Seham Areff, Iqbal Gafiedz, Eirianna Kouri)
QF2: Australia (4) vs. Scotland (5) (Judges: Tracey Lee (Chair), Beth James, TJ Senamngern, Desley Horton, Tom McLennan)
QF3: England (6) vs. New Zealand (3) (Judges: Daniel de Kadt (Chair), Stephanie Dick, Chris Sanchez, Chris Hibbard, Mehvesh Mumtaz Ahmed)
QF4: Wales (7) vs. Ireland (15) (Judges: Joshua Park (Chair), Kip Oebanda, Irene McGrath, Thng Yi Ren, Kristen Price)

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