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1 January 2012

Updates from Council

Via various posts on Twitter here are some updates on events at council. 

Berlin bid defense was passed by council.  Registration fee 400euro. 400 team slots. Registration at end of March.

The report on Botswana Worlds was rejected by council.

There were no firm bids for WUDC 2014. North South Bangladesh & London indicated their interest, but nothing binding.  A decision will be made in March.  Indonesia have been indicating their interest in bidding for 2015.

Council passed motion to adopt the 18 point open break system as proposed by Canada. Worlds will now break every team on 18 points. Partial double Octo-Finals will now decide the top 32.

New Committee:
Steve Johnson: President,
Eoin Kilkenny: Registrar,
Coulter King: Secretary,
Deirdre & Meredith Women's Officers,
Tasneem Equity

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