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21 January 2012

GUU Parliamentary Invite‏

As I'm sure many of you know, IVs are but a mere hobby for debaters of the Grand Old Union. GUU debating is really all about Parliamentaries. And, as we spend so much of our time explaining to you what they are, and how much fun they are, we stopped for a minute and realised we are being selfish. You should all get to join in the fun... but just for one night.

We invite you to enter a strange new world where the only Economist we care about is Mr Callum MacMaster, where facts are mainly ignored, and where marks for style include how well you can iron a shirt.

On Friday 16th March, we are holding the final Parliamentary of the 2011-12 season, where the Whig Club shall be in government, lead by the Hon. Property Ladder, known to many of you as Mr John McKee.

There are five clubs in the Chamber - and each has one space for a guest to speak in a round during the Evening Session. Beyond that, every Club is opening membership to any guest who wishes to join for the day to sit on the benches and ask POIs to the other Clubs. If you would like to speak, selection will be made by the leader of each Club. Get in touch if you wish to speak and I shall pass on details. There will also be a small prize for the best guest speaker.

The Parliamentary starts at 3pm and the Afternoon Session ends around 7pm, at which point we have dinner. If you wish to join us for dinner (to which you are most welcome) the cost is £10 BUT we need numbers by Tuesday 13 March. The Evening Session will commence around 8.30pm, and finish (roughly) 1am. As it is the last Parliamentary, the Clerks then retire to work out who has won, while everyone else consumes a large volume of complimentary alcohol. Hopefully, the results shall be available within a few hours, and will then be announced by candlelight in the Debates Chamber in the wee small hours.

We guarantee a fantastic night of true GUU hospitality, and we'd love you to take your chance to join in.

There is no charge, other than for dinner if you wish to attend. You will receive lots of free alcohol in the Evening Session, and we can offer crash if required. Please let us know if you're coming in advance to have an estimate of numbers. Dress code for the Evening Session is officially black tie, though a suit shall suffice. Please note that to sit in the Chamber, the dress code is a minimum of shirt and trousers (female equivalent: office wear) and there is a strict no denim and no trainers policy. To speak, you must be wearing a tie and ideally a jacket.

Any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with myself at kirstykakanskas[at]gmail[dot]com, or the Debates Convener at debates[at]guu[dot]co[dot]uk.

The guide to Parliamentary debating can be found at the following link - - and contains more information.

Hoping to see you there, as well as at Ancients on 2nd/3rd March (details of which can be found at

Kirsty Kakanskas
Head Clerk

Glasgow University Union

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