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6 December 2011

TCD Hist dominate Cork IV

The TCD Hist team of Ian Curran and Adam Noonan have won the 2011 Cork IV. 

In the final they defeated TCD Phil (Rosalind ni Shuilleabhain & Fletch Williams) TCD Phil (Ricky McCormack & Dave Byrne) and TCD Hist (John Engle and Andrew Linn).

John Engle (TCD Hist) and Sally Rooney (TCD Hist) topped the speaker tab.  John Prasifka and Michael Coleman (you guessed it TCD Hist) won the novice competition.

The Invitational (held the night before the IV proper was won by TCD Hist (Sally Rooney and John Engle)

The full tab can be found here (in case you want to check that other colleges actually took part)

Motions: (wordings may not be exact)
Final: That this house would ban all former combatants from any military conflict from ever serving in elected office
Semi: That This House Believes That The State Should Ensure That Each Citizen Is Paid a National Salary to Ensure That Their Income is Exactly Equal Regardless of Whether They are Employed or not or of Their Occupation
Novice Final: That This House Believes That The State Should Have No Role in the Recognition of Marriage!

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