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30 December 2011

Partial Tab after round 6 #wudc

Can Okar has assembled a partial tab using google docs.  You can view the data but contrary to my earlier post only Can can edit it.  Post an update on twitter using hashtag #wudc and cc @canokar to send him missing details.

To view the list visit here


  1. Correction: People can only view, to edit you must contact Can directly.

  2. Hi Colm. I'm not allowing people to edit because I think it will get junked. If people have updates, they can post to the #wudc twitter hashtag or tweet me at @canokar and the tab will be updated. We're well over 100 teams now but I'm missing basically all the Americans. Oh and Canadian team names (I have their names and their scores but don't know which institution/letter).

  3. How do you edit the document?


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