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14 November 2011

Sydney Win Oxford IV 2011

Sydney A (Daniel Swain & Elle Jones) have won the 2011 Oxford IV.  In the final they defeated Durham A UCD A and Cambridge D

The best speaker at the tournament was Pam Cohen from Durham A.

Leiden A (Rogier Baart & Ali Al Khatab) won the English as a Second Language competition  defeating Utrecht A BBU A and Belgrade A in the ESL final.  Danique Van Koppenhagen (Utrecht A) was the top ESL speaker on the tab.

The Team and Speaker Tab can be found here


Final: This House Would establish geographical zones where the selling and consuming of any and all drugs are legal
Semi Final: This House would Establish Brothels on Military Bases.
Qtr Final: This House Believes That International Law should allow states which accept refugees to sue the states they come from for compensation.
Rd1: This House Believes That Sex Education Classes in Schools Should Teach Techniques For Pure Sexual Gratification (including, but not limited to, anal sex, oral sex, mutual gratification and masturbation)
Rd2: This House Believes That in developing countries aid organizations should be banned from religious proselytizing.
Rd3: This House Believes That Trade unions and labour protection laws should be suspended during times of economic crisis.
Rd4: This House Believes That Israel Should Materially Support Arab Pro-Democratic Movements.
Rd5: This House Believes That a tax should be placed on successful artists in order to fund new and developing artists(Note: Artists defined by the CA team to be the arts and the entertainment industry).
ESL Final: This House believes That the CEOs of the largest corporations should be chosen by the national democratic elections
ESL Semi Final: This House Believes That the LGBT Movement Should Not Support Pride Marches.

Source various on Twitter.

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