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18 November 2011

5th NUJS Parliamentary Debate

You’re looking at the invitation for the 5th NUJS Parliamentary Debate, 2012 to be held from 20th to 22nd  January, 2012 (Friday to Sunday) at Kolkata, India.
What do you have to look forward to at our debate?
·      Prize money of a MINIMUM of Rs.1,20,000.[INR]
       (Given how sponsorship looks like at the moment, it is very likely that this sum will be increased in a week or so).
·      An excellent international adjudication core and as is usual with the NUJS Debate, very good quality adjudication.
·      We’re cool with cross teams.
·      A kick-ass break night party.
·      Awesome food, immense history and all the other things Calcutta is famous for ;)
The tournament will be on the lines of a three-on-three Asians Parliamentary Debate and will have a team cap of 50 teams. As of now, each institution may register up to two teams and we will increase this cap if the need arises.
 .All the details about the tournament will be available on our website - The deadline for registration is 10th January, 2012.

For ANY further details, please feel free to get in touch with:

Smaran Shetty: 09903685361,
Anusha Reddy: 09163787994,
Maneka Khanna: 09830059899, 
Akshay Sharma: 09903840406,
Surabhi Dhar: 09903048045,


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