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7 November 2011

Hong Kong Debate Open 2011

The 2nd Hong Kong Debate Open 2011 was held at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, from 28th to 30th October 2011.  A total of 64 teams from 12 Asian countries competed in this BP debate tournament.  In the Grand Final, HKU Team C, comprising Kevin Lau and Amanda Slocum, defeated HKU A, HKU B and Hogwarts A to emerge Champions.  The Best Speaker of the Grand Final was Amanda Slocum of HKU C, and the Best Speaker of the Tournament was Benjamin So of HKU A.  

The motion for the Grand Final was: "This house regrets the policy of assassinating terrorist leaders instead of bringing them to trials"

The Adj Core of Loke Wing Fatt, Sharmila Pramanand, Zheng Bo, TJ, Nicole Ng and Doriane Lau worked seamlessly with the very cooperative, efficient and patient Org Com members, comprising Helen Ng, George Chen, Kenneth Cheung, Samuel Chan, Angie, and Vinca Yau, to once again celebrate the growth of Hong Kong as an international debating hub in Asia.

The full results and motions of the events are below:

HKU C: Kevin Lau and Amanda Slocum

HKU A: Benjamin So and Sue Chen
HKU B: Fiona Chong and Jocelyn Heng
Hogwarts A: Liu I Wei and Nuanpan Ketumarn

Eureka: Chanel Chan and Gao Tian
P&S: Yang Fanhao and Feng Siyu
SouthPark Elementary: Tidarat Yingcharoen and Yuttana Saisangkagomon
Tiff & Pavan: Tiffany Chung and Pavan Hegde


Prelim Rounds

  1. This house would ban the participation of children in clinical drugs trials
  2. This house would abolish the minimum wage
  3. This house would ban religious organizations from establishing schools
  4. This house support the Occupy Wall Street Movement
  5. This houses would ban all approaches that seek to cure homosexuality
  6. This house believes that U.S.A should not veto the Palestinian bid for statehood at the United Nations


This house supports the use of drones (remotely operated unmanned armed attack vehicles)


This house believes that companies should be held liable in their home countries for environmental damage in other countries

Semi Finals

This house would ban agencies that broker international marriages

Grand Final

This house regrets the policy of assassinating terrorist leaders instead of bringing them to trials

Loke Wing Fatt
Co-CA, 2nd Hong Kong Debate Open 2011

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