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12 October 2011

2nd World Debate Forum - Featured Presentations!‏

Hello Everyone!

There's about a week remaining to submit your presentations for the 2nd World Debate Forum! We currently have 10 presentations registered and have space for 6 more. I've shared some of the presentation below - we will also feature presentations about debate in Africa (with specific focus on the Pan-African championships and growth of debate), Arabic debate in the Middle East, debate and conflict resolution and the growth of WSDC in Asia. 

In case you've missed previous emails, the forum will be held at Ateneo de Manila University from the 4th to the 7th of January 2012. Your registration fee of 75 USD includes accommodation at the Great Eastern Hotel Manila, transportation to the forum venue, breakfast, lunch and snacks. More details on the website at

If you are interested in sharing your thoughts (or participating in the forum), email me or visit the website now to register.

Abstracts of some of the presentations are listed below.

Alex Dukalskis
Executive Director, IDEA-US, PhD Candidate, Notre Dame
Debate and Journalism Workshops
Over the past two years, IDEA and the Open Society Foundations have conducted a unique series of debate and journalism workshops.  Regional in scope, seven such workshops have taken place in Thailand, Uganda, Moldova, Latvia, Kyrgyzstan, and Nepal and have featured about 250 students from 19 countries. This presentation will provide an overview of the unique curriculum of this series of workshops as well as discuss ways in which it may be adapted to other subject areas.
Sharmila Parmanand
Co-CA Berlin Worlds 2013, MA Candidate, Melbourne University
Debate and Political Engagement
There is increasing synergy among university debate organisations, the media, and youth activists in shaping public discourse in the Philippines. Student debaters, in partnership with NGOs and civil society groups, have been involved in voter education campaigns during elections and generating awareness and lobbying for the passage of crucial legislation such as land reform, freedom to information laws and reproductive health laws. This presentation explores opportunities for further collaboration across these spheres and beyond Metro Manila.
Suthen Tate Thomas
CA Koc Worlds 2010, CA UADC 2012
High School Debate Development in Iraq
The presenter will share his experiences running a course on debating involving high school teachers in Iraq. Highlights will be lessons learned and strategies for sustainability.
David Crane
Executive Director, IDEA UK
Introducing the new
The new contains a range of great features designed to help debating societies gain more members, communicate with existing members, organise live events, take part in online video or text debating and form groups.  The site includes a social network allowing debaters to stay in touch with, learn from and share with other debaters.  It also contains a much expanded Debatabase that debaters can contribute to for the first time, plus online learning and mentoring facilities too.  Come to this session to learn how these features can be used to benefit you, your organisation and debating as a whole
CA Botswana Worlds 2011, Visiting Professor, Chung Ang University, Seoul
Compulsory Debate Course in Chung Ang University
For the last 5 years it has been mandatory for all students in the Business College of Chung Ang University to do one semester of debate. This presentation looks at how the course was run (syllabus, evaluation strategies) and impacts on students based on PRCA surveys that were conducted at the start and the end of the course (with comparison to sample groups).


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